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Hard to Believe!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Seems like the spring has flown by. Given the warm weather the region has experienced, it also seems like a long season already. Hard to believe it is just Memorial Day weekend…

Life has been busy with instructor workshops starting in march/april and running thru june this year. The YMCA and Bay Cliff Programs are keeping Nancy and I busy as we prepare. But still getting a chance to paddle, here are some shots from the paddles.

The Presque Isle Rocks during a spring paddle.

Eagles nest off of Partridge Island, appears to be active again this season.

The roof of a sea cave near Laughing Fish Pt showing off the Jacobsville Sandstone of the area.

Memorial Day weekend paddle down to the Fairport area of the Garden Peninsula.

Point Detour with Cedar trees and limestone rock, typical of the areas shoreline.

Entertainment at Point Detour, one of several squall lines going thru after a morning of thunder storms.

See you on the water!