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Paddling Time

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Details, details, details… The last day before a trip is filled with these. Food

Food bags packed for 21 days

for three weeks, maps and charts, gear – all the usual big picture items. But the micro ones are the ones that can affect you the most. Like the time on my way to a launch site, nearest grocery store hours away, when toilet paper popped into my head. Many thanks to the folks who kept the roadside toilet well stocked. Or the time on a trip that I realized I had no chocolate bars. I’ll admit it appears minor now, but the gold time on trips for me is post dinner journal writing and sunset watching while nibbling on chocolate. And finally, the lesson learned that one does not buy food for a 7 day trip at midnight after spending several hours prior in a bar. It didn’t even help that part of the time was spent on trip planning.

Chart of the area for the trip

So today is sitting, thinking and visualizing. Part of it is dreaming as well. About two weeks on/near Isle Royale and then a week running from Silver Islet to Rossport.  (click here for more detail). Out of 21 days, 19 will be spent on islands. Eagles, Otters, Moose, Sleeping Giant, Pie Island, Rock of Ages, saunas.

So many muses that one has a tough time thinking of things like toilet paper…