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Hello World

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Well it has been a while. Overwhelmed by my new job at the YMCA has kept me from blogging much. Paddling of course continues on. I do consider myself a paddling bum with a work problem…

samNancyBlog-8Nancy and I have kept busy. Here is a link to the blog article (click here) the photographer Greg Waino wrote. Greg took the photo for an article that features Nancy and I as instructors of note. The article was written by Conor Mihell (click here) and focuses on the Adaptive Paddling Kayaking Program at Bay Cliff Health Camp that Nancy runs. It appears in Canoe & Kayak’s Beginners Guide which just showed up this week.

Here is also an article from the local paper The Mining Journal (click here) that was published last fall. Although it focused on me since the writer only interviewed me, Nancy as well as Stew Joseph were out often and are even in some of the shots.

Unfortunately life doesn’t promise any slow down soon so postings maybe sporadic in the future but never fear, Nancy and I will be on the water someplace.